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Michter’s 10-Year-Old Bourbon (2017) Review

Michter’s 10-year-old bourbon is a whiskey release I look forward to each year.  Like previous bottlings, the 2017 release is a single barrel bourbon.  This is also a sort of celebratory bottling, timed to commemorate Master Distiller Emeritus Willie Pratt’s induction into Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame.  It’s also current Master Distiller Pamela Heilmann’s first 10-year-old Bourbon release.  She recently approved the very delicous 2017 bottling of Michter’s 10-year-old rye whiskey.  So, how’s the whiskey?

The short answer is, well, quite good.

The nose is typical of what I know Michter’s 10-year to be – full of baking spices and wave after wave of caramel and brown sugar, along with hints of integrated corn and vanilla extract.  There’s the occasional whiff of dusty oak.  The palate is rich and buttery, with a blast of creamy vanilla and dark brown sugar.  Cigar box and some herbs soon develop, as well as lightly steeped black tea on the back palate.  This leads to the slightly dry and mildly spicy medium finish.

This all sounds good, and it is.  Michter’s 10 is quite enjoyable.  Comparing to the 2015 and 2016 bottlings, I find this one slightly lacking.  The finish here is a bit drier than recent releases.  Though I’d happily sip on this one, the 2017 Michter’s 10 year doesn’t quite hit the same heights and complexity of recent releases.  8.5/10

Thanks to Michter’s for the sample!  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel (2016) Review

Wyoming Whiskey is a craft whiskey brand that’s been picking up some steam lately.  I see the name come up more and more as I read through whiskey publications and social media.  Everything used to make this whiskey comes from Wyoming.  Based in Kirby, Wyoming, the distillery’s lineup includes a small batch bourbon, the occasional single barrel bourbon, and a just announced sherry cask finished bourbon.  

This single barrel bottling is their second, with 400 cases now available throughout Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin and Wyoming. This 2016 bottling is more than double in size than the original November 2015 release, which the company said sold out before it hit shelves.  Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel retails for $59.99.

The nose here is really nice, with hints of honeyed grain, vanilla cream, ground cinnamon and an elegant floral note.  It almost smells more like a light bodied, well aged single malt than it does a bourbon.  The palate says differently:  sweet buttered corn, Mexican chocolate, fresh basil leaf and vanilla bean.  The finish is long, with a small burst of spice, followed by some mint.

I am really digging Wyoming Whiskey’s Single Barrel Bourbon.  It’s aroma is completely different than any other bourbon I’ve tried.  On the palate it’s rich and has a creamy mouthfeel.  Too bad distribution is limited to six states.  If you see this one and want to try something different (and delicious), pick up a bottle.  8.5/10

Thanks to Wyoming Whiskey for the sample.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Four Roses OBSF Single Barrel Bourbon Review (Maisano’s bottled 12-08-16)

Photo courtesy of Maisano’s

Last December, I took a ride over to Ocean Springs, Mississippi for one of my semi-regular visits to Maisano’s Fine Wine & Spirits.  I’m always interested in what single barrel store picks owner Jonathan Maisano has in stock.  I picked up a bottle of his store pick 1792 Full Proof while I was there.  Before I left, he gave me a tiny sample of his next Four Roses Single Barrel pick  – a 9 year, 9 month old 118 proof OBSF.

I asked him to let me know when the bottle was hitting shelves, as I’d like to post short piece about the release.  So, as you’re reading this post, 114 bottles are currently hitting the shelves at Maisano’s for about $60 each.  That’s the barrel yield.  Not a lot to go around.  

Being an OBSF recipe, this Four Roses is spicy!  Cardamon and cinnamon lead the nose, alongside hints of caramel, red fruits, and oak.  Taste-wise, oak spice is a major player here.  Underneath lies a bed of creamy caramel.  The bourbon opens up to reveal ripe tree fruits and vanilla, with a touch of spearmint.  The finish is long, leaving a warm, satisfying cinnamon-topped vanilla creme.

Four Roses store picks generally don’t disappoint, and this one is no exception.  I tend to like the spicier “B” recipes from the distillery.  Great barrel pick from Jonathan.  8.5/10

Thanks to Maisano’s for the sample.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.