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Hello. My name's Bobby, and I'm no whiskey expert. I'm here to share my thoughts as a novice whiskey enthusiast. So, when I try new whiskies (mostly bourbons), I'll tell you about them here.

Review: Highland Park The Light Single Malt Whisky

Celebrating the summer solstice, Highland Park crafted the limited edition The Light. The 17-year-old single malt matured in refill bourbon casks, a stark contrast from its sibling, The Dark, which matured in first-fill sherry casks.

To say I thoroughly enjoyed The Dark is an understatement. It remains one of my favorite single malts of the past year, if not the past few years. The whisky is a perfect wintertime pour with its dried fruits, spice, and overall richness.

With its refill bourbon cask maturation, The Light is meant to be enjoyed in warmer weather. The nose on The Light is vibrant and zesty, with hints of lemon peel, vanilla, and honey sitting alongside the distillery’s signature heathery peat. A floral top note adds to the mix. The palate stays close to the nose with initial notes of honey, vanilla bean, and lemon custard. Heather and a light dose of earthiness develop mid-palate. A light smokiness sits in the background throughout. Herbs and soft bittersweet dark chocolate notes reveal themselves towards the back-palate as does slightly astringent oak. The finish is long, bittersweet, citrusy, and a touch smoky.

While The Light is the complete opposite of The Dark, the Highland Park DNA runs through both releases with familiar honey and heather notes. The use of refill bourbon casks allow for the distillate to shine, whereas sherry casks sort of define The Dark’s aroma and flavor. I like that The Light isn’t necessarily a sweet malt. Those bittersweet and herbaceous notes balance things out nicely.

The Light is another enjoyable release from Highland Park, giving fans another side of the distillery’s releases that are typically sherry cask-matured. Priced the same as The Dark at about $300, The Light comes highly recommended. 8.5/10

Thanks to Highland Park for the sample. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Review: Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Revival Bourbon

Wild Turkey has been on my radar in recent years. Frankly, they’ve been kicking @$$ and taking names.  Russell’s Reserve 1998 and 2002 were beautiful examples of prime Wild Turkey bourbon.  Their core range has been consistently solid.  Then there were first two magnificent Master’s Keep releases – the 17-year-old and Decades.

With Revival, Master Distiller Eddie Russell is moving forward by looking back. Years back, Jimmy Russell released the 10-year-old Signature Sherry. It certainly made an impression on Eddie, who told me that he used the profile Signature Sherry as a reference.  However, he wanted use bourbon that was older than a decade.

Revival is a batch of 12 to 15-year-old Wild Turkey finished in Oloroso sherry casks.  We’re not talking sherry-seasoned casks, currently used by the Scotch whisky industry.  Old sherry casks are hard to come by these days.  Eddie himself went to Spain looking for casks that were at least 20 years old and thankfully, he found a few.  Wild Turkey has not disclosed how long the finishing period lasted, but I’d guess a few months.  Revival is bottled at 101 proof and available for the suggested retail price of $149.99.  Only 1,600 cases were produced, so there’s not a lot to go around.

I generally don’t comment on color, but those sherry casks imparted a beautiful reddish-copper hue to this whiskey.  The aromatic nose is fruit forward, with hints of cherries, citrus, and raisins.  A bit of rye spice and toffee come in with a little time in the glass, as well as a sprinkling of fresh herbs.   Taste-wise, Revival is a wonderful balance of fruit and spice.  Sherried fruit hits the tongue first, followed by a wave of dark toffee, baking spices, orange peel, and toasted oak.  Wild Turkey uses a decent amount of rye grain in their mash bill, and it imparts a buttered, toasted rye bread note.  The finish is long and chest-warming, with lingering notes of dried fruits, oak spice, and leather.

Eddie Russell has done it again.  He’s crafted a lavish bourbon that moves the flavor spectrum in new directions while staying true to the Wild Turkey DNA.  The chosen sherry casks pair beautifully with Wild Turkey’s flavor profile.  This is a full-bodied whiskey, coating the palate with rich, fruity notes complemented by the signature Wild Turkey spice.  Master’s Keep Revival is a sumptuous bourbon that any fan of whiskey will thoroughly enjoy.  I know I did.  9/10

Thanks to Wild Turkey for the sample.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Review: Yippee Ki-Yay (2018)

The 2018 batch of one of High West’s most fun expressions, Yippee Ki-Yay, is hitting shelves. The distillery starts with their Double Rye!, a blend of straight whiskies, and finished them in vermouth and syrah barrels.

Most of the whiskies that make up the Double Rye! are sourced, but this year’s batch contains some of High West’s own distillate. Master Distiller Brendan Coyle said a component whiskey from the Barton distillery was replaced with a High West-distilled rye, though the team was very careful not to change the flavor profile.

It’s all in the blending, which High West excels at, in my opinion.

Yippee Ki-Yay! is bottled at 46% abv. My sample is from batch 18C29.

The nose is ripe with vibrant rye grain, fresh stone fruits, sweet pickles, sage and cinnamon. The palate starts spicy, with allspice, cinnamon sugar, and black peppercorns. Vanilla and fruit syrup arrives to soothe those spices, developing into caramel and freshly sawn oak. The dried herbs on the nose also show up in the mid-palate. The medium-length, warm, and slightly dry finish features more sweet fruit, dried basil, and rye spice.

As I mentioned earlier, Yippee Ki-Yay! is a fun and tasty whiskey. It takes the spiciness of a young rye whiskey blend and adds in fruit from the unique finish. Want something interesting? Reach for this one. 8/10

Thanks to High West for the sample. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.