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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – 2015 Edition

Haven’t picked up a gift for the old man yet?  With Father’s Day just a few days away, I thought I’d give some whiskey and whiskey-related gift recommendations, in no particular order.  I’ve linked to a full review where available.


  • Booker’s Bourbon Batch 2015-02 – Big bourbon flavors in this barrel-proof offering from Jim Beam. $55
  • George Dickel No. 12 Tennessee Whisky – A no-nonsense whisky with caramel, vanilla and oak flavors. $30
  • Forged Oak Bourbon – A limited release from Orphan Barrel, but still available, bourbon that’s big on oak. $65
  • Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch – A little added sherry gives this Canadian rye whisky an interesting flavor profile. $30
  • The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Year Old Single Malt Scotch – A full review coming later.  This is a great transition to Scotch for the bourbon drinker.  The rum cask maturation really sweetens things up. $65
  • Johnnie Walker Platinum Label – Full review coming in a few weeks.  One of Johnnie Walker’s newest releases, this 18 year old expression turns up the fruit and adds a little smokiness.  $99
  • Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon – A robust 100 proof bourbon full of caramel, spice and fruit. Look out for a barrel proof version from your liquor store.  $50


  • Bourbon Empire by Reid Mitenbuler – A great read.  Mitenbuler covers bourbon’s history, unraveling those tall tales we read about all the time. $19 at amazon.
  • Glencairn Whisky Glass – There’s no better way to nose and appreciate whisky than drinking out of a Glencairn glass.  It’s how I sample my whisky.
  • Tovolo Ice Sphere Mold – Looks cool in your glass, but more importantly the ice dilutes very slowly.

Forged Oak Bourbon Whiskey Review


Forged Oak is the latest release from Diageo’s Orphan Barrel series.  The youngest bourbon of the group, Forged Oak is 15 years old and 90.5 proof.  Forged Oak is also the cheapest in the series.  A bottle should run you about $65.  It was distilled at the new Bernheim distillery in Louisville between 1997-1998 and aged at the Stitzel-Weller warehouses.  It’s mash bill is 86% corn, 8% barley and 6% rye.  Looks like a really low percentage of rye.  How does it fare in a glass? (more…)