George Dickel No. 12 Tennessee Whisky Review

Next in our Tennessee Whiskey series is George Dickel No. 12.  This is the middle of the pack for them.  It comes in at 90 proof and is blended with “older” whiskies.  There’s no age statement on this one.  So, how does this one fare?  (Review sample provided by Taylor Strategy)

George Dickel No. 12

On the nose I get some oak, corn and vanilla.  Whatever older whiskies have been blended with this contribute to the oakiness.  Of course I still get some caramel sweetness and a little spice.  It’s nice.  Especially at 90 proof.  I’m not getting some of the harshness I expected from a 90 proof whisky.  The medium finish comes across as slightly sweet and ever-so-slightly smoky.

I normally first sample whiskey neat. For some reason, I decided to pour my first sample over ice.  I noticed that after a little dilution, a lot of the sweetness was gone.  I didn’t care too much for what was left.  I’d definitely recommend this one as a neat sipping whiskey.  No real complaints here.  It’s not as sweet as Jack Daniel’s, it’s main competition.  Some may like that, some may not.  Some very nice whiskey for under $25.


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