Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon Review

Bulleit 10_Bottle and box

Bulleit bourbon is one versatile whiskey.  It’s great neat, but its high rye content makes it outstanding in cocktails.  Best of all, it’s a solid buy for about $25-$30.  In 2013, Bulleit Distilling Company unleashed a version of Bulleit bourbon aged 10 years, which is about 3-4 years older than their standard Bulleit bourbon, and considerably more expensive ($45).  How does the extra time in the barrel change things?  Is it worth the extra cash?

(Bulleit Distilling Company provided a small sample for this review).  Where Bulleit bourbon is dry and spicy, its 10 year old sibling Bulleit 10 is a bit more balanced.  On the nose there’s some oak along with spice, vanilla, and a little caramel.  It’s nice.  Taste-wise, I don’t get the alcohol kick I expected at 91.2 proof.  Much less of a kick than its younger brother.  There’s a nice balance of oak and spice, with a little vanilla and caramel.  The finish is a little spicy and sweet, but doesn’t stick around too long.

Overall Bulleit 10 is a tasty, balanced bourbon.  It lacks the big spice of its younger sibling, but evens things out with a little oak.  The whiskey in this bottle is highly recommended, even at $45.  My only gripe is the price.  It’s about $15 more than standard Bulleit bourbon… a fantastic bourbon in its own right.  Bulleit is the better value, but Bulleit 10 is the better bourbon.


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