Jim Beam Bonded Bourbon Whiskey Review

Jim Beam Bonded

Jim Beam Bonded is the company’s newest (as of the writing of this post) release.  It’s a Bottled-In-Bond version of the standard 4 year Jim Beam White Label.  That means it’s 100 proof, aged at least 4 years, and distilled by one distillery in one distilling season, as per the Bottled In Bond Act of 1897.  I picked up this bottle while browsing the shelves of a Bardstown, KY liquor store during a recent visit.  $22 for 100 proof Jim Beam?  Now we’re talking.

Right off the bat, Jim Beam Bonded has a tad sweeter nose than the standard White Label offering.  There’s caramel and vanilla.  The sweet corn note is more readily present.  I also get some oak, and found a strange herbal note in the background.  The extra alcohol provides a quick blast of heat upon entry.  A big sweet corn stands out, followed by the requisite vanilla, light caramel and oak flavors.  This whiskey is quite thin considering it’s 100 proof.  Finally, it provides a medium length finish, with the oak and sweet corn notes lingering.  This time there’s more emphasis on the corn.

To me, the extra alcohol bite makes for a better cocktail mixer than the more popular 80 proof version.  Hell, even the company agrees.  They are marketing Jim Beam Bonded to the mixologist market.

I find Jim Beam Bonded to be an improvement over Jim Beam White Label, if only slightly.  There’s a little extra heat on the entry & finish, and the corn note is a bit more prevalent, but that’s about it.  Not bad, but for $5 more I’d rather reach for Jim Beam Black.



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