Angel’s Envy Rye Whiskey Review

I’ve been wanting to try Angel’s Envy Rye Whiskey for a while now.  Unfortunately, it’s not sold in the New Orleans area.  Thankfully, the folks at Ro-Bro Marketing & PR sent me a small sample.


This rye whiskey is bottled in the same very attractive bottle as Angel’s Envy Bourbon.   The folks at Angel’s Envy are playing with finishing the whiskies in different barrels.  Where their bourbon is finished in port casks, this rye whiskey is aged at least 6 years then finished in Caribbean rum barrels that used to hold French cognac.  At the moment, they don’t distill their own whiskey so it’s all sourced.

Angel’s Envy Rye is 95% rye bottled at 100 proof.  You wouldn’t know it though.  I didn’t get any strong alcohol vapor from the glass that I do from another 95% rye – Bulleit Rye.  This one is dominated by sweetness, earthiness, and spice… in that order, both in it’s aromas and taste.   The sweetness comes from the rum.  I’ve never tasted a rye whiskey this sweet.  I know there’s rye in there though.  At 95% rye (and 5% barley), the earthiness comes through just fine, but the spiciness is toned down tremendously.  The finish on this is quick and sweet.

A bottle of Angel’s Envy Rye will run you about $70.  This is available in smaller quantities than their seemingly readily-available bourbon.  If you’re into rye whiskey, I’d suggest you give this a try.  It’s an interesting take on that type of whiskey.  This isn’t a traditional rye whiskey.  It’s great, but it’s different.  Now, if you’ve never tasted a rye whiskey, don’t let this be your gateway rye.

Sweet stuff.


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