Cascade Hollow

A Visit to Cascade Hollow – Home of George Dickel


Last month Diageo, George Dickel’s parent company, invited me to the George Dickel distillery, covering my travel expenses in the process.  I was joined by four fellow whiskey bloggers for a private tour conducted by distiller Allisa Henley.  It seems Diageo really wanted us to come away with a better understanding of what goes into making George Dickel Tennessee Whisky.  I’m already a fan of their products, so this tour was highly anticipated.  Let the whiskey geek-out begin. (more…)

George Dickel 9 Year Old Single Barrel Review


It’s finally here.  My very own bottle of 9 year old George Dickel Single Barrel Tennessee Whisky, hand selected by George Dickel National Ambassador Doug Kragel.  This is all because I joined the Dickel Dozen.  All 12 of us receive a bottle of George Dickel for review.  Several weeks ago Doug Kragel took us on a tour of the Cascade Hollow Distillery, where George Dickel is made, in the form of a video. He also hand-selected a barrel exclusively for members of the Dickel Dozen.  If you haven’t watched yet, please do.  It gives you a peek at how George Dickel comes to be.

So, like I was saying… it’s finally here (sample courtesy of George Dickel).   I sampled George Dickel No. 8, George Dickel No. 12, and George Dickel Barrel Select a while back, and for the most part I really liked what I tasted.  How does this 9 year old George Dickel Single Barrel compare?  In a word:  delicious.  Keep in mind, each barrel is going to taste slightly different.  On the nose I get some oak, vanilla, caramel and a little alcohol fume.  It comes in sweet.  Vanilla, sweet corn and oak are big players here, followed by some caramel.  There’s some playful bite at 103 proof, but nowhere near what it should be.  To me it feels more like a 90ish proof whiskey.  Maybe that’s the charcoal filtering this Tennessee whisky goes through.  The finish is moderate in length and dry, but leaves a sweet aftertaste.  There’s even a little vanilla back there.


Let me talk about the presentation.  This bottle of George Dickel came in an awesome looking wooden box.  They went above and beyond.  Thankfully, it’s not all for show.  The juice inside this box is outstanding.


This whisky is leagues better than Dickel No. 8.  George Dickel No. 12 is outstanding, especially in it’s price range.  Their Barrel Select is a great whiskey, but this single barrel slightly edges out as my favorite George Dickel Whisky.  It feels just a little more refined in flavors than its siblings.  George Dickel 9 Year Old Single Barrel isn’t available everywhere.  Check the better liquor stores in your area.  They may carry their own barrel of this for about $45.  Highly recommended!