Tennessee Whisky

BBQ and Whiskey

This past weekend I cooked some pulled pork and posted the above photo to my social media.  Since then, some folks have asked me for the pulled pork recipe or what cocktail I was drinking.  So, I thought I’d add a quick post with the recipe.



George Dickel 14 Year Old Hand Selected Barrel Review


My wife knows the way to my heart.  This past Valentine’s Day my wife Carly bought me a bottle of 14 year old George Dickel Tennessee Whisky.  It is a hand-selected barrel from Dorignac’s, a local New Orleans-area grocery store.  I really enjoyed the 9 year old George Dickel I received as part of the Dickel Dozen blogger program, so my expectations for the 14 year old Dickel were pretty high.

On the nose I get lots of oak, light caramel, and vanilla.  There’s a little baking spice in there… cloves or nutmeg, maybe?  I love that the distillery kept this at 106 proof.  You get some of that high-proof liveliness on entry, but calms down a little with more caramel, oak, and vanilla.  It’s not as sweet as its younger brother.  The finish is long and semi-sweet.

Overall this whiskey is an oakier version of its 9 year old brethren.  It’s not over-oaked.  Instead it just turns up that flavor element.  I tend to prefer older, oakier whiskies.  A bottle of 14 year old George Dickel cost my wife about $70.  The 9 year old will cost about $45.  The big question is which of the two do I like best?  For “everyday” drinking, I’d most likely reach for the Dickel 9 year old.  For nicer occasions, I’d easily grab the 14 year old Dickel.  Honestly, you can’t go wrong either way.  Highly recommended.


DiResta Dickel Box

Last week I received my bottle of 9 year bottle of George Dickel as part of my membership in the Dickel Dozen.  It came in a great looking wooden presentation box.  Great first impression.  Thankfully, the whisky inside the bottle was outstanding.  It was made by Jimmy DiResta, who’s appeared on a number of shows including A&E’s Dirty Money, as well as various HGTV and DIY Network shows.  Now, you can see how the really cool looking box was made.  Watching this video took my appreciation to a whole new level.

IMG_3265 IMG_3264