The Dickel Dozen, Pt. 1

The folks at George Dickel reached out to me asking if I wanted to participate in a new blogger program called the Dickel Dozen.  The Dickel Dozen?  The first image that comes to mind is the film “The Dirty Dozen.”  Anyway, about the program: George Dickel National Ambassador Doug Kragel selects a barrel of George Dickel Tennessee Whisky.  That barrel gets bottled and 12 bloggers (the aforementioned Dickel Dozen) get sent a bottle for review.  That sounded good to me, so I signed up.  I’ve written about George Dickel No. 8, George Dickel No. 12, and George Dickel Barrel Select here before.  Their No 8 was okay, but I really enjoyed their Dickel No. 12 and Barrel Select.   This program will give me a chance to try a single barrel of George Dickel.  I should have a bottle sent to me soon, and I’ll post about when I receive it.  In the meantime, check out this video they created and personalized just for us here at


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