Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary

Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Bourbon Whiskey Review


Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller Jimmy Russell has been at it for more than 60 years, and he’s still going strong.  Sixty years in the bourbon industry…hell, 60 years in any industry is damn impressive.  To commemorate this milestone, Eddie Russell, Master Distiller and Jimmy’s son, put together this release.  Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary is a blend of 13 to 16 year old stocks, bottled at 91 proof.

On the nose I get creamy vanilla, caramel, honey, brown sugar.  There’s a little bit of oak, but it’s softer and not as pronounced as I would have figured for a bourbon of this age.  The palate pretty much matches the nose, but adds a nice cinnamon spice.  The finish is medium in length and leaves a sweet aftertaste.

This was not a huge hit when it was released in mid-2014.  I’m not sure why.  This is one elegant bourbon.  Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary is a loving tribute to one of the biggest names in the bourbon industry.  Wild Turkey 101 may be a bit rambunctious, where Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary is cool and calculated, even elegant to a degree.  A bottle, if you can still find one, will run north of $115 (which is what I paid for my bottle).  Recommended to fans of Wild Turkey.