Four Roses Yellow Label

Four Roses Bourbon Review

The Four Roses series ends with a review of their entry label, Four Roses Bourbon.  It’s referred to as their Yellow Label.  This can usually be found in the <$20 price range, and is available almost everywhere. (Thanks to the Baddish Group for the samples.)

yellow _white

Usually, bourbons under $20 are rough around the edges.  This one not so much.  It is more refined than others I’ve tasted at the same price range.  Four Roses Yellow Label is a lighter style whiskey, like their Small Batch, just not as refined.  When it’s first poured, I get alcohol fumes, slight caramel and corn.  After 5 – 10 minutes the caramel smell really comes out.  Taste-wise, it’s just what I expected – a slightly less refined version of their small batch, which offers a little more complexity. This one, however, isn’t just one note –  Rye earthiness, caramel, corn, spiciness.  The finish is short and spicy with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

This is the only Four Roses label that contains a blend of all 10 of their bourbons.  The Small Batch is a blend of 4, and their Single Barrel is, well, one.    Four Roses Yellow Label is a great value at under $20.  I haven’t tried this one as a mixer because it’s darn good neat and on the rocks.

Cheap and tasty