Review: Elijah Craig (New Orleans Bourbon Festival 2019)


With the New Orleans Bourbon Festival right around the corner, now is as good a time as ever to take a look at some of their 2019 single barrel picks in a series of short reviews.  A lot of the whiskies in this series are still available in certain New Orleans retail stores and will be poured at the 2019 New Orleans Bourbon Festival.

Last July, I had the pleasure of joining Tracy & Barbara Napolitano, co-founders of the New Orleans Bourbon Festival, for a private barrel selection of Elijah Craig.  We were given four different barrels to choose from without knowing their ages.  The pick would be solely based on flavor, which is the way it should be.  Just like Elijah Craig Small Batch, this single barrel is bottled at 94 proof.


The nose carries a rich toffee aroma along with orange peel, honey, barrel char, and a touch of oak spice.  Taste-wise, caramel chew and orange creamsicle are balanced by waves of baking spice, toasted oak, and a hint of red fruit.  The medium length finish leaves lingering notes of spiced fruit and oak.

This Elijah Craig bourbon goes down easy and is VERY drinkable. Almost dangerously so.  It’s not as big & oaky as what Elijah Craig Small Batch used to be.  It’s a bit more rounded and vibrant, but not young.  I’m not sure this whiskey is still available for sale, but it’s my understanding it will be poured at the New Orleans Bourbon Festival.  If you do see a bottle for sale, don’t waste a moment picking it up.  8.5/10

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