Compass Box The Double Single Whisky Review

A lot of blended whisky is sold around the world.  A lot.  The majority is composed of dozens of different component grain and malt whiskies.  It leaves the whiskies palatable.  Perhaps more importantly, the use of many whiskies allows for consistency from batch to batch.  If a particular whisky is in short supply, blenders will slightly change the blend ratios or even add other component whiskies to make their blended whisky.

Compass Box’s John Glaser thought it would be interesting to strip a blended whisky to its core. Enter The Double Single – a blended whisky composed on one grain whisky from Girvan and one malt whisky from Glen Elgin.  Glaser used 72% Glen Elgin from re-charred bourbon hogsheads and 28% Girvan from re-charred bourbon barrels.  The Double Single is a very small bottling of 5,838 bottles.  If this were a large scale release, I doubt this whisky would be a reality because of the availabilty of the two component whiskies used.

So… how is it?

Pretty good, actually.  The fruit-forward nose features crisp orchard fruit, with an emphasis on apples and pears.  Honey, vanilla, oat cereal and floral notes round off the nose.  The whisky is initially sweet on the palate, with hints of rich honeyed malt, spiced apples & pears, and ripe apricot.  Some baking spice on the midpalate mingles with a splash of grapefruit juice.  A hint of oak on the back of the palate rounds out this rich, fruity whisky.  The finish is rather clean, with honey, sweet malt and citrus.

I’ve quite enjoyed just about everything I’ve tasted from Compass Box.  No surprise here, but I like this one.  It’s concurrently crisp and rich, with enough complexity to keep me going back for more.  Here’s one bottle I’ll have to keep a lookout for.  Highly recommended.  8.5/10

Thanks to Compass Box for the sample.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. A great review! I haven’t had the chance to try The Double Single yet, but a few weeks ago I got to do an interview with CB’s whisky maker Jill Boyd in which I asked her how this special blend came to be. I find the idea of making a blend from as little as two components quite fascinating and I’m looking forward to try it (hopefully) soon.


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