Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey (Maisano’s Single Barrel) Review

photo courtesy of Jonathan Maisano

Something new in the Stranahan’s universe is single barrel offerings of their standard Colorado whiskey.  Like the standard offering, this is the same whiskey on paper: 100% barley; aged in new American oak barrels for at least two years; and bottled at 94 proof.   What makes this different is the lack of blending with other barrels.  Single barrel whiskey is a great litmus test to gauge the skill of the whisky maker.  

The nose is sticky dark maple syrup, toasted barley loaf, sawdust, and slightly burnt orange peel.  On the palate, orange marmalade and sweet malt dominate.  Sprinklings of cinnamon bark, nutmeg and clove add some spice, while toffee, apple vinegar and oak round out the palate.  The finish is slightly longer than the standard offering, leaving behind a combination of honey, orange zest and wood.

This barrel pick features more on the citrus side compared to standard Stranahan’s.  The notes are slightly more spread out and easier to detect.  I’m not sure what other barrel selections Jonathan Maisano had to pick from, but he picked an interesting one.  I am a fan of single barrel offerings that keep the spirit of the standard whiskey, but deviate just slightly.  That’s exactly what’s going on here.  I think I prefer this pick over the standard bottling.  A bottle at Maisano’s Fine Wine & Spirits will cost $54.67.  Recommended.  8/10

Thanks to Jonathan Maisano for the sample.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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