Heaven Hill Select Stock Review

Heaven Hill Select Stock

When I last visited Heaven Hill’s Bourbon Heritage Center, I made sure to pick up a bottle of something for myself.  It came down to two bourbons: Heaven Hill Select Stock and William Heavenhill 11 year old Bottled-In-Bond.  I sampled both just minutes prior to my purchase and decided to go with the more experimental of the two: Heaven Hill Select Stock, available only at their Bourbon Heritage Center.  This is a barrel-proof (124.4 proof), single barrel, 8 year old wheated bourbon that’s finished in cognac casks for 32 months.

On the nose there’s lots of brown sugar, fruit (dark cherry, plum, melon), and some oak.  Cognac notes linger in the nose, and are present in the palate.  This bourbon has a bit of a rough start, even for a barrel proof whiskey. I point to the long cognac-cask finish.  After the initial burn subsides, I get sweet oak, brown sugar, and fruit.  There’s a long, oaky, fruity finish. Adding water adds a little toffee sweetness.

This is an interesting one.  Someone looking for a straight wheated bourbon from Heaven Hill should grab a bottle of Larceny for about $25.  Now, if you want to go on a little whiskey adventure, pick up a bottle of Heaven Hill Select Stock.  My bottle is the third edition.  The cognac-cask finish may be a bit overpowering, adding a big fruity note to the bourbon.  I’m glad I picked up a bottle and really enjoyed the whiskey, but I wonder how often I’ll go back to it.  As of the end of March 2015, when I acquired my bottle, it was still in stock at Heaven Hill’s Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown for about $150.


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