Few Bourbon Whiskey Review

With some anticipation, I’m ecstatic to finally sample Few bourbon whiskey.   In addition to providing access to their founder and master distiller Paul Hletko for an interview, Few Spirits provided me a sample of their bourbon and rye whiskies.

Photo courtesy of Few Spirits

Let’s start off with packaging.  While it’s bottle is similar in shape to Diageo’s rectangular Orphan Barrel  bottles, Few has a label that beckons the 1893 Chicago World’s Exposition.  My fiancee Carly is a Chicago World’s Expo maniac.  You can imagine her excitement when I told her about this post.  Great labeling that tells us the brand is based around Chicago AND stands out on a store shelf.

This bourbon comes in at 93 proof with no age statement.  Paul Hletko says he doesn’t believe in age statements because age is just one factor when it comes to making whiskey.   Not having an age statement doesn’t bother me, as long as the whiskey is good. So… how is it?

I get lots of sweet corn on the nose.  There’s also some earthiness and some wood.  Oak?  Probably, but it seems different than the oak I get in other bourbons.  Taste-wise, sweet corn is the key player here.  Some rye spice and a little caramel support it.   It’s nice, but not too complex.   The finish is quick and a little dry,  and leaves a semi-sweet aftertaste.  Makes you want to take another sip.

Overall this is an interesting whiskey.  It seems young to me, but it’s not as fiery and untamed like a young whiskey would taste.  The folks at Few Spirits have put together a nice bourbon.  A bottle of this craft whiskey will run you about $50, if you can find it – it’s only available in about a dozen states as of the writing of this post.


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