Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star Review


Ancient Age.  Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star.  Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year.  Try saying that three times fast.  These are the three bourbons produced under the Ancient Age label, distilled by Buffalo Trace.  You won’t have trouble finding Ancient Age. It’s usually a bottom-shelver bourbon.  The 10 Star is a little harder to find, and the 10 Year isn’t available outside of Kentucky (unless you get really lucky).  10 Star… 10 Year…  confusing, right?  The 10 Year is just that – a 10 year old bourbon.  Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star is over four years old, but probably closer to six.  There’s no age statement, so I don’t know for sure.  Onward to the important stuff –

This is one easy sippin’ whiskey, and at 90 proof it’s pretty tame.  There’s a slight sweetness when you smell it… almost like honey.  Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star is made from Buffalo Trace’s rye-heavy mash bill #2.  You can definitely taste the rye.  It also has a mild caramel taste too.  The finish is dry and spicy.


This is one of my buddy Hank’s favorites.  He prefers “easy sipping” whiskies.  I like a bit more character or bite in my  bourbon.  There’s nothing wrong with Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star, especially at the $15 price tag.  I doubt you’ll find a better bourbon for that price.  It’s just a matter of personal preference.  If you like a mellower bourbon (don’t let the 90 proof fool you), this is right up your alley.  If you’re looking for some bite, look somewhere else.


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