Noah’s Mill bourbon Review


***Revised from the original posting.

Noah’s Mill bourbon comes to us from Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD).  They don’t distill this.  Rather, they buy barrels of bourbon and blend them.  It used to be a blend where the youngest bourbon was 15 years.  Nowadays, this doesn’t have an age statement.  I bought this on recommendation of an employee at Martin’s Wine Cellar, a New Orleans area wine & spirits store.  Honestly, the green bottle with the handwritten-like label got lost on the shelf for me.  My eyes were never drawn to it.

Aroma-wise, you get a little mustiness and a little caramel.  Taste-wise – wow, this sucker is hot!  At 114.3 proof, Noah’s Mill bourbon packs a punch.  As soon as you sip it, your taste buds get knocked around with heat… sort of like eating a pepper (think cayenne).  It’s viscous and coats your mouth.  There’s an oaky smell to it, and you can taste it.  The finish on it is spicy, dry, and lasts a little while.


At a price tag of north of $40, Noah’s Mill isn’t exactly cheap, but it really isn’t overpriced.  If you’re looking for a sweet bourbon, look elsewhere.  Noah’s Mill is strong, spicy & woody.  I’m glad I bought this bourbon, but I wouldn’t rush to replace this bottle when it’s empty.  It’s not a “daily sipper” for me, but I do enjoy when I drink it.


Edit 3/05/15:  After a few months I’ve returned to Noah’s Mill, and a little air time in the bottle helped mellow this out a bit.  Trying it again, I get more sweetness than when I first opened the bottle.  I like this a lot more than before.


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