Review: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel 2020 Special Release Barrel Proof Rye

Photo courtesy of Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s has been killing it with their end-of-the-year limited edition releases the last couple of years. It started two years ago with the release of Heritage Barrel Tennessee Whiskey. For 2020, Jack Daniel’s is going in a different direction with a single barrel rye. This barrel proof bottling is aged on the highest floors of their barrel houses, just like Heritage Barrel.

The mash bill is their latest, and first since Prohibition – 70% rye, 12% malt, and 18% corn. It’s a rye-heavy mashbill that provides lots of spice while keeping a little of the sweetness normally associated with Jack Daniel’s. This is also the first release for new Master Distiller Chris Fletcher.

The nose is ripe with rich caramel, rye spice, fruit, and oak. A touch of smoke rounds out the nose. Taste-wise, this Jack Daniel’s expression lands in the sweet and peppery area. Rich smoked caramel is soon joined by waves of baking spice and fruit. A sharp black pepper note hits the mid palate, thanks to the hearty amount of rye in the mash bill. The finish is slightly oaky, with lingering brown sugar, pepper, and oak notes.

For an SRP of $64.99, this is a must have. It highlights Jack Daniel’s ability to craft an exceptional rye whiskey and shine past the famous Black Label so many drinkers are familiar with. Big, bold, and spicy – that’s a winning combination. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Jack Daniel’s for the sample. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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