Redemption Rye Whiskey Review

A year after Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits acquired Redemption Whiskey, the brand has seen a new bottle and label design.  Gone is that tall bottle, replaced by a more traditional whiskey bottle.  It sort of looks similar to the Bulleit bottle.  Looks good, but what about the more important matter – the whiskey?  

Redemption Rye is sourced from MGP in Indiana, using their 95% rye / 5% barley mash bill.  Rye whiskey drinkers will recognize this mash bill.  It’s the same one used for Bulleit Rye, Dickel Rye, and many others.  Don’t roll your eyes yet.  Proof, age, and other factors provide some differences between the brands using the same mash bill.  Redemption Rye is bottled at 92 proof.

Look at the label closely and you’ll notice it’s not a straight rye whiskey.  That’s because on the back it states the whiskey is aged no less than one year.  Press materials mention the average age being 2.5 years.  So it’s a young whiskey.  Nothing wrong with that.

As the young age implies, this is a grain-forward whiskey.  The nose is young and vibrant, giving a sharp rye grain note, Juicy Fruit gum, allspice and vanilla.  Taste-wise, the sharp grain is tempered by a little toffee sweetness.  A little airtime reveals some fruitiness along with grain spice and a hint of vanilla and dill.  The medium finish is sweet and a touch spicy.  

Not bad for a young rye, but my personal preference lends to rye whiskies a bit more mature.  I’d recommend this one more as a mixer than a sipper (makes a great Manhattan).  But at an SRP of $29.99, it’s a bit pricey for a mixer.  7/10

Thanks to Redemption Whiskey for the sample!  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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