Review: Maker’s Mark 2020 Limited Edition

Photo courtesy of Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark’s is following up their WONDERFUL 2019 RC6 Limited Edition release with another entry in their Wood Finishing Series. This time Maker’s is finishing their whisky with two stave types: first is made from virgin French oak which is convection cooked at medium heat and a short toast period; the other is virgin American oak, cooked slowly at low heat. The resulting whisky is bottled at a cask strength of 110.8 proof.

These two stave types give this Maker’s a vanilla and caramel-centric whisky. On the nose, vanilla bean, toffee, and medium-roast coffee sit up front. The palate sees a creaminess not typically found in the standard Maker’s Mark. Dulce de leche, marzipan, and dark chocolate are peppered with hints of cinnamon and toasted oak. The long, warming finish maintains the rich flavors developed on the palate.

If you happen to not like Maker’s 46, which uses French Oak staves, give this limited edition release a try. Where MM 46 can be a little dry and spicy in places, the MM 2020 Limited Edition whisky creates a rich, luscious experience without an overly saccharine taste. I like all of Maker’s whiskies, but this one is on another level. For the near $60 price tag, I can’t recommend this one enough.

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