Review: Maker’s Mark Private Select (The Original Bourbon Club)

Just like the bourbon industry, The Original Bourbon Club in the New Orleans area has been rapidly expanding. Not too long ago, it was called the Mandeville Bourbon Club. Mandeville’s about 25 minutes away from New Orleans. Now, the bourbon-oriented social club has grown into different chapters in southeast Louisiana as well as Texas.

One great thing about this bourbon club is the constant stream of single barrels it offers its members. Most recently, The Original Bourbon Club took part in the Maker’s Mark Private Select program. They were kind enough to share a bottle with me.

If you’re not familiar with Maker’s Mark Private Select, read up on it here. This particular selection features the following staves:

  • 3 Baked American Pure 2
  • 3 Seared French Cuvée
  • 2 Maker’s 46
  • 2 Toasted French Spice

After a short secondary maturation with this stave selection, the bourbon was bottled at barrel proof, or 109 proof (54.5% ABV) in this case.

The robust nose features hints of caramel corn, maple syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla. Orange peel adds a bit of vibrancy. The palate closely follows the nose with initial waves of caramelized sugar, burnt orange peel, and vanilla. A moderate dusting of baking spices ramp up the mid-palate just as sweet and slightly astringent oak develops. The finish is medium-long, with lingering hints of orange Starburst, oak spice, and toffee.

The folks at The Original Bourbon Club have something really nice on their hands with this bottling. This Maker’s Mark Private Select is rich and balanced. Those sweet notes are complemented by citrus and spice. It still has the Maker’s DNA, but the flavor spectrum here is deliciously widened.

This bottling is available to club members only. All the more reason to join the club. Highly recommended. 9/10

Thanks to The Original Bourbon Club for the sample. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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