Review: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel (NO Bourbon Fest 2019)

Next in my 2019 New Orleans Bourbon Festival Single Barrel review series is this lovely barrel of Jack Daniel’s. Back in November, festival co-founder Tracy Napolitano and I traveled to the distillery in Lynchburg, TN for a barrel selection. Master Distiller Jeff Arnett led the tasting, which I hear is a bit rare. Of the three barrels presented to us, this third barrel unanimously garnered everyone’s vote.

While helping Tracy choose a barrel of Jack Daniel’s, I simultaneously shot and produced a piece on single barrel whiskey for, which you can check out here:

The barrel chosen by Tracy and myself highlights the darker side of Jack Daniel’s flavor profile. The nose features caramelized bananas, dried fruit, vanilla, and dark chocolate. Taste-wise, this JD Single Barrel, bottled at 47% ABV, shows hints of spiced caramel, marshmallow, and banana pudding, which develop into rich cocoa and toasted oak. There’s a tinge of minerality slightly hidden away. The long finish accentuates oak spice and chocolate-covered cherries.

The 2019 New Orleans Bourbon Festival selection of Jack Daniel’s showcases flavorful and interesting darker, oakier notes while maintaining the brand’s DNA. In other words, it’s delicious. I bet this whiskey would pair nicely with a medium-bodied cigar. As soon as this selection hit the New Orleans market, I made sure to pick up a couple of bottles. So glad I have a backup. 8.5/10

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