Jameson The Blender’s Dog Whisky Review

There’s always a new whiskey hitting the market. Based on the ever-expanding whiskey shelves in spirits shops, I’d argue there are more whiskies now than ever before. THE biggest perk of being a whiskey blogger is being able to taste many of these new spirits. Hell, it’s the reason I started this blog about four years ago. As you can imagine, my inbox is flooded with press releases announcing the latest and greatest. Some names stand out instantly. Subject lines featuring the word Jameson grab my attention every time. They don’t make the best Irish whiskey. That simply doesn’t exist. However, Jameson makes very enjoyable whiskeys, and you can’t ask for more.

The Blender’s Dog ($69.99) is Jameson’s second entry in their Whiskey Makers Series, after The Cooper’s Croze. Blender’s Dog is all about touting Jameson Head Blender Billy Leighton’s ability to marry whiskeys. Leighton is aiming for “a perfect balance of spirit, wood, and time.” Bottled at 43% ABV and non chill filtered, Blender’s Dog starts off on a positive note. Like all Jameson whiskeys, this expression is triple distilled.

On the nose, hints of cardamom and allspice are complemented by sweet malt, butterscotch, and sawdust. The palate features an initial wave of cream-filled pastry soon punctuated by sprinklings of spice and toffee. Slightly astringent oak tannins appear in the back palate and into the medium finish. A splash of water slightly sweetens things up. The medium-bodied whiskey finishes with spiced cream, sort of like an egg nog.

Not bad. Not bad at all. I’d agree that Blender’s Dog is nicely balanced. It’s quite enjoyable, albeit not too complex. That’s my nitpick. The lack of complexity is what keeps this particular blend from reaching greatness. I’ll happily drink this all night long either neat or in an Irish Coffee. The whisky’s creamy nature makes for a killer Irish Coffee. Another nice job from the folks at Jameson. 8/10


Thanks to Jameson for the sample. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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