Holiday Gift Ideas 2016

People have been asking me for whiskey-related gift ideas to buy for loved ones this holiday season.  In the spirit of that, below you’ll find several ideas.  Some I’ve personally tried, while others just seem like great gifts.  I’ve linked to the manufacturer’s website whenever possible.  You’ll notice a lack of actual whiskey on this list.  I’ve already put out a listing of my favorite whiskies of the past year, and a budget whiskey guide is forthcoming. 

Let’s start with one of my favorites on this list – Finlay & Co.’s Glanmorangie Originals.  The frames of these stylish sunglasses are handcrafted from used Glenmorangie casks.  Wearing a whisky barrel on your face never looked so good.  Build quality is top notch, and they are very comfortable to wear.  $450

Photo courtesy of Noble Denim

Another entry in the wearable whisky category is a new denim jacket by Noble Denim, made in collaboration with Bulleit Bourbon.   There are co-branded tags and buttons, and the corduroy collar was aged in a Bulleit bourbon barrel.  My jacket looks great, fits like a glove, and is only going to get better over time.  If you want to buy one as a gift (or for yourself), act fast.  Like most Noble Denim products, this jacket is a small batch product, so it’ll most likely sell out in no time.  The jacket launches on December 6th, and small runs are available at Manready in Texas, Tanner Goods in Portland, and the Pop Up Flea in NYC.  $285

Cocktail kits are a popular option.  Some include everything you need to make a couple of whisky-based cocktails, like offerings from Cocktail Courier.  I tried their Crown Royal Vanilla kit, and although I’m not generally a fan of flavored whiskies, the cocktails were quite tasty.  

Pappy Van Winkle and cigar fans can get their hands on Drew Estate’s barrel fermented cigars, available through  These usually sell out quickly.  

Another great gift idea is a whiskey book.  Check out Fred Minnick’s “Bourbon: The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of an American Whiskey” for a journey through bourbon’s never-boring history.  If you want to know more about Japanese whisky, pick up  Dominic Roskrow’s “Whisky Japan.” Booker’s Bourbon fans, or bourbon fans in general, will want a copy of “The Big Man of Jim Beam“, a new book about Booker Noe by Jim Kokoris.

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