Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Review

Jim Beam KY Fire

Flavored whiskey is a big seller here in America, especially if it’s cinnamon flavored.  It seems Sazerac took the lead with Fireball, a whiskey infused with cinnamon flavors.  Jim Beam, who is no stranger to the flavored whiskey market, followed up with Jim Beam Kentucky Fire.  This latest flavored whiskey is added to their current lineup that includes Jim Beam Honey, Jim Beam Maple, and the Red Stag brand.  The label on this 70 proof release says it’s “Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey infused with cinnamon liqueur.”

(Note:  I received a review sample from Beam-Suntory.)  The nose is nothing more than cinnamon candy and slight vanilla & corn.  The entry is surprisingly soft.  I expected the pricky cinnamon spiciness the nose suggests.  Taste-wise, all I get is that sweet cinnamon candy.  There’s a light vanilla fighting to be heard, but the cinnamon flavor is too overpowering.  The finish is short and sweet (cinnamon candy, again.)

Whiskey reviews are very subjective.  It’s all about the writer’s tastes.  In this case, I’m not a fan of Jim Beam Kentucky Fire.  You won’t catch me ordering a shot of this at a bar.  I just don’t care for flavored whiskey.  Personal tastes aside, Jim Beam Kentucky Fire delivers a nice cinnamon taste without being too spicy, which is probably what the company was looking to do.


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