Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 Year Old Bourbon Review

Jim Beam Black 12 YR A

Jim Beam Signature Craft is a newish premium line of bourbon under the Jim Beam name.  Sure, Booker’s, Baker’s, Knob Creek and Basil Hayden are produced by Beam, but they are separate brands.  The JB Signature Craft launched in 2013 with a 12 year old bourbon and a bourbon infused with Spanish brandy.  This article looks at the 12 year old version.  Bottled at 86 proof, Jim Beam Signature Craft seems to be created to be a sipping whiskey.

The nose carries those signature Jim Beam aromas of sweet corn, oak, caramel and vanilla.  The corn and oak are in the forefront, with the other two smells slightly hidden.  They become more pronounced the longer the whiskey sits in the glass.  With the entry, I noticed a bit of a thicker mouthfeel.  Let’s call it medium.  I get some vanilla upfront, followed by some oak and milky caramel.  Also of note is a very slight cinnamon spice here.  The flavors seem to be a bit more in harmony than the other bourbons in the Jim Beam lineup.  They are also a bit more muted or softer here.  The finish is short, with a soft oak and bittersweet note.

Jim Beam Black 12 YR B

Of the Jim Beam bourbons, I usually reach for this one when I’m in the mood for sipping.  It seems to be composed better than the others for this purpose.  Personally, I’d love to see this one in a 90 proof version.  Griping aside, Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 Year Old bourbon is priced just right at about $40.  Recommended.


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