Colonel E.H. Taylor Rye Whiskey Review


Released back in 2012, Colonel E.H. Taylor Rye Whiskey is the only non-bourbon in the E.H. Taylor lineup.  Also of note, this straight rye whiskey does not share DNA with Buffalo Trace’s Sazerac Rye.  This is a completely different rye mash bill.  This is made entirely of rye and barley.  That’s right, there’s no corn here.  What it does share with its brethren whiskies is the bottled-in-bond label.  In a nutshell, that means it’s 100 proof, at least four years old, and distilled by one distillery in one season.  Taylor, the man, was the proponent of the Bottled-In-Bond Act of 1897.

(Note:  I received a small review sample from Buffalo Trace Distillery.)  This one’s an interesting rye whiskey.  On the nose I get a sharp rye grain aroma, along with dill, black pepper, candied ginger, prunes and a slight ethanol kick.  Most of these aromas carry over to the palate.  Again, there’s a savory rye grain and dill, followed by a slight black pepper and cinnamon note.  The sweetness is provided by a little caramel.  There is more sweetness in the aroma and the finish than in the palate.  It finishes with a short, bittersweet caramel note, becoming a little dry and oaky.

Buffalo Trace has created a great rye whiskey that really showcases the rye grain.  That grain’s savory sharpness is on the forefront of this whiskey’s aromas and taste.  I like their Sazerac Rye Whiskey, but that straight rye whiskey has a large percentage of corn, making it sweeter than E.H. Taylor Rye.  This one’s got a nice blend of savory and sweet.  Very interesting stuff.  Recommended.


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