Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon Review

EH Taylor Single Barrel

A few weeks ago when I posted about Colonel E.H. Taylor Cured Oak, I realized I never reviewed my bottle of E.H. Taylor Single Barrel.  So here goes…  Buffalo Trace’s E.H. Taylor line all share something – they are all Bottled-In-Bond (BIB).  I have a brief note about what BIB is in my writeup of E.H. Taylor Small Batch.  We’re not sure how old this bourbon is, only that it’s at least four years old.  Rumor has it closer to 7 to 10 years old.  So, how does it taste?

Just like the Small Batch bourbon, this Single Barrel bourbon screams butterscotch, toasted oak and vanilla (less vanilla bean and more vanilla ice cream).  Compared to the small batch, it seems slightly heavier on the oak.  The palate has a soft entry… not as rough as the small batch.  There’s butterscotch, oak and slightly bitter caramel, followed by vanilla, dried fruit and licorice.   The finish is medium length and slightly sweet.

Overall, E.H. Taylor Single Barrel bourbon is much more elegant than E.H. Taylor Small Batch.  The flavors and aromas mingle together better in the Single Barrel.  Where the Small Batch costs about $40, this Single Barrel will run you about $70.  I’d easily pay the extra $30 for this.  My only gripe is not knowing exactly how old this whiskey is or what its barrel number is.  Nevertheless,  E.H. Taylor Single Barrel is one fine bourbon.  Recommended.


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