Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey Review

Next up in our series is Gentleman Jack.  Jack Daniel’s was the first whiskey I drank.  When I wanted to upgrade, I went to their Single Barrel.  Then it was off to bourbon.  In all these years, I never had the chance to try Gentleman Jack… until recently.  My buddy Rich nearly finished off a bottle and gave me the last couple of pours.


Gentleman Jack gets the normal “Jack Daniel’s” charcoal filtration before aging in barrels.  Unlike Old No. 7, this also gets a second charcoal filtration after maturation.  It’s designed to be super-mellow.

I drank it neat in a glencairn glass, and it concentrated those classic Jack Daniel’s sweet vanilla and caramel aromas right up to my nose.  Sadly, it’s all downhill from here.  When I tasted it, I got what I can best describe as a thin, almost watered down Jack Daniels.  There’s no bite on this whatsoever.  The finish was quick and bittersweet.


All my gripes about Gentleman Jack go against what the brand sees as it’s positives.  I tend to lean towards the richness in my whiskey.  I like a little bite, when it’s done right.  This particular whiskey is supposed to be super-mellow.  I know a lot of people who want just that.  Gentleman Jack has none of what I’m looking for in whiskey, but that’s a matter of personal taste.  I’d rather reach for a bottle of their Old No. 7 or their single barrel.

Smooth.  Maybe too smooth.


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