Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey Review

You might call Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 the ‘King of American Whiskey.’  It’s the best selling American Whiskey in the world. It’s a staple of just about every bar in the country.  You can’t not know that Jack Daniel’s is everywhere.  The distillery has been around since the mid-1800s, and is stronger (and bigger) than ever.  The distillery puts out several products, but Old No. 7 black label is their bread-and-butter.

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 was the first whiskey I tasted.  I don’t remember when or where, but it was on the rocks.  Always on the rocks.  In fact, it wasn’t until I really got serious about my whiskey that I drank Jack neat… but I still prefer it on the rocks.  Maybe it’s nostalgia.  So, how is this behemoth in the glass?


On the nose, Jack Daniel’s has a signature smell.  You could blindfold me and I could spot the Jack Daniel’s in one glass out of a hundred.  I get sweet vanilla, bananas foster (Seriously?  Yeah, a little bit), some caramel, and a little oak.  Taste-wise, there’s caramel, sweet corn, oak and vanilla.  The finish is sweet and short, with a little spiciness.  It’s a little rough around the edges, especially for an 80 proof whiskey.  Not exactly the smooth sippin’ whiskey they market themselves as.


A bottle of Jack will run you about $20.  A lot of people like what they taste.  Jack Daniel’s is a great “everyday” whiskey.  It’s not the most flavorful or in-your-face, but it’s not the worst either.  There’s a reason this is the biggest American whiskey around.  It’s a reliable go-to.  There’s some comfort in that.


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