Head to Head: Johnnie Walker Red VS Black

I often get asked about the difference between Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black Label.  It’s a good question, as those just getting into Scotch whisky are generally curious as to which to pick up.  I hope this video helps answer the big question.


Head to Head – Jim Beam Black VS Distiller’s Cut

In this video head-to-head, I match up a couple of Jim Beam bourbons: Black and Distiller’s Cut.  Both share the same mash bill and age (5 to 6 years old).  Proof aside, how do they compare against each other?

Glenmorangie Virtual Tasting with Global Master Brand Ambassador David Blackmore

I recently had a chance to host Glenmorangie’s David Blackmore for a virtual tasting of the distillery’s Original, 18-Year-Old, and Bacalta expressions.  In addition to tasting some wonderful whiskies, we discussed Glenmorangie’s wood management, secondary maturation and more.  Enjoy!

Please excuse the echo in the beginning of the video.  It corrects itself a couple of minutes in.