Glenmorangie Virtual Tasting with Global Master Brand Ambassador David Blackmore

I recently had a chance to host Glenmorangie’s David Blackmore for a virtual tasting of the distillery’s Original, 18-Year-Old, and Bacalta expressions.  In addition to tasting some wonderful whiskies, we discussed Glenmorangie’s wood management, secondary maturation and more.  Enjoy!

Please excuse the echo in the beginning of the video.  It corrects itself a couple of minutes in.


The Bourbon Boom

Bourbon is as American as blues and jazz.  It’s been here since the beginning of this nation and seems to be more popular than ever.  So much in fact that bourbon producers are starting to struggle to keep this American Whiskey on your store shelves.  One of the largest bourbon distillers, Buffalo Trace, recently put out a statement addressing their inventory shortage, saying “…there is no way to predict when supply will catch up with demand.”

I recently produced a piece for News with a Twist – a newscast on WGNO-TV in New Orleans.  It touches on the bourbon boom, bourbon in general, and a unique story that ties bourbon to New Orleans.  You can watch it below.
Video courtesy of WGNO-TV.