Review: Larceny Barrel Proof (Batch B520)

On the heels of the initial batch released at the beginning of the year, the second batch of Heaven Hill’s Larceny Barrel Proof is now available. The high proof wheated bourbon received positive praise upon its release. This batch is uncut and comes in at 122.2 proof, which is ever so slightly lower than the previous one’s 123.2 proof.

Wheated bourbons utilize wheat as their secondary grain as opposed to the typical use of rye. They’re still bourbon, which means at least 51% of the mash bill is corn. These whiskies tend to be a little sweeter and softer in character than their spicier rye brethren.

The nose carries hints of green apple, caramel, buttered grits, and some baking spice. Caramel-drizzled coffee cake kicks things off. A creamy vanilla soon develops and adds to the rich mouthfeel. The backend features hints of caramel corn and sandalwood. The finish is long, sweet, and ever so slightly bitter.

Larceny Barrel Proof Batch 0520 maintains the general flavor profile set by the first release. Like Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, this whiskey shows me that Heaven Hill might have a new sweet spot with barrel proof releases. This one’s got all the punch of a high proof whiskey but also manages to be very drinkable at said proof.

This release will certainly appeal to Larceny fans who might want just a bit more from their whiskey. Larceny Barrel Proof isn’t quite the bruiser in the flavor department of say, George Stagg or the Van Winkle lineup, but it stands on its own AND is much easier to find than the aforementioned products. Recommended!

Thanks to Heaven Hill for the sample. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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