Review: Fistful of Bourbon

William Grant & Sons, the family owned company best known in the whisky world for its acclaimed Glenfiddich and Balvenie brands, has introduced its first bourbon to market – Fistful of Bourbon. The 90 proof bourbon is blended by William Grant & Sons’ Master Blender Brian Kinsman and blender Kelsey McKechnie.

Using their 100+ years of blending experience, William Grant & Sons have launched an affordable (SRP $24.99) straight bourbon. They’re keeping a tight lip on where the bourbon is being sourced, but most likely it comes from several distilleries in different states as there is no state of distillation on the label. Although we know they only used straight bourbon that was aged at least 2 years for this blend.

Lots of pressure to deliver a great first bourbon release. How’d they do?

Pretty good, in fact.

The nose carries hints of toffee, spice, ripe red fruit, and fresh herbs. The palate follows closely with hints of buttered toffee candy, cinnamon apples, and a touch of oak tannin. The medium finish carries that caramel-like sweetness and richness and infuses it with anise.

Like I said – not too shabby. The $25 bourbon is well-rounded in aroma and flavor, hitting most points of the flavor wheel. Sure you can make out individual notes, but they work in harmony. Kudos for making this a 90 proofer instead of an 80 proof whisky. The extra proof makes adds to the body of the whisky.

All in all, Fistful of Bourbon is a fantastic new hit from well-established whisky makers. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Thanks to William Grant & Sons for the sample. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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