Review: Barrell Craft Spirits Bourbon (2019)

For the second year in a row, I managed to snag a bottle of Barrell Craft Spirits bourbon, and I’m glad I did. Like last year’s edition, this 2019 offering is 15-years-old. It is made up of bourbon distilled in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana and bottled at cask strength (106.52 proof).

The nose is sweet, rich, and oaky. Dark fruit meets fresh ginger under a dark maple syrup note. Aromatic oak is present, as expected, but no overpowering. The oak comes alive on the palate, followed quickly by a rich syrupy note. Vanilla extract and dark honey are joined by cocoa and cigar box notes. The long finish is fully of oak spice and toasted marshmallow.

I enjoyed this bottling as much as the inaugural 2018 edition. It’s a fine example of older bourbon. The oak notes are tempered by those dark and fruity notes, making for a sweet and rich whiskey. Nicely done! Recommended.

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