Martell VS Single Distillery Cognac Review

Most of the cognacs on the market are blends of different eaux de vie from several distilleries.  That’s especially true of the large producers.  One of those cognac producers, Martell, is doing something differently with its latest release.  Martell VS Single Distillery is just that: a blend of eaux de vie from only one of its distilleries.  Think of it as the cognac equivalent to the single malt scotch whisky.  

The label states that sourcing from only one distillery producs a richer, more intense expression of the Martell house style.  The nose starts with layers of caramel that give way to rich fruit and a touch of lemon zest and vanilla.  The palate offers more concentrated flavors than other VS cognacs I’ve tasted.  Grapes, candied berries, and figs are present alongside hints of cinnamon and oak spice.  That spice ramps up into the medium length finish, which also features dark fruit notes.

Though a young VS blend, Martell’s Single Distillery release provides a wonderfully plesant drinking experience.  It comes across with more exuberance than a standard VS cognac, but lacks the refined complexities found in older blends.  Press materials make mention of using VS Single Distillery in cocktails or long drinks.  I’d agree it’s what this cognac is best suited for.   When it comes to choosing an inexpensive young sipping cognac, I would reach for this one over other VS blends.  Nicely done.  $34.99  8/10

Thanks to Martell for the sample.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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