Minor Case Rye Whiskey Review

New from Limestone Branch Distillery is Minor Case Rye, a sherry cask-finished straight rye whiskey.  Though this is the first rye whiskey release from the modern iteration of the distillery, rye isn’t new to distillery president and distiller Stephen Beam’s family.

“My grandfather, Minor Case Beam, made rye whiskey in his day, before prohibition, which was his specialty. This rye whiskey is inspired by him and a tribute to his distilling legacy,” said Beam.  

Readers of this blog know I’m not a fan of really young rye whiskies.  This 90 proof whiskey is two years old – young.  The fact that it is sourced whiskey is perfectly fine.  But what sets this apart is taking that young sourced whiskey and finishing it in sherry casks.  Needless to say I’m curious to try.

The nose is vibrant, spicy and fruity.  Hints of caramel, dried fruits, rye spice and herbs jump out of the glass.  Taste wise, we’re talking light brown sugar, dried fruits, rye spice and a touch of oak.  The sweet fruity notes from the sherry casks round out the sharp rye notes.  The finish is long with spiced caramel, nuts and mint.

I am pleasantly surprised.  Both the rye and sherry characteristics work really well with each other.  It’s not too sweet or too spicy.  Very nicely done!  Not that it affects the score, but what an absolutely beautiful bottle that features the original logo that Minor Case Beam used on his labels.  8/10

Thanks to Limestone Banch Distillery for the sample.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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