Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend Whisky Review

I know, I know… this whisky came out last year and isn’t easy to find anymore.  Better late than never, I say!

The folks at Crown Royal launched the Noble Collection last year.  It’s set to be an annual limited edition bottling, changing yearly. The inaugral entry is the Cornerstone Blend.  Bottled at 40%, Cornerstone Blend is made up of the three types of whiskies that make up Crown Royal Deluxe:  a rye whisky, a creamy whisky distilled using Crown Royal’s Coffey Still, and a “bourbon” style whisky.  

Earlier this year, I hosted a virtual tasting with Crown Royal Brand Ambassador Stephen Wilson (see video below).  Cornerstone Blend was among the whiskies we tasted.    It was my first time tasting the blend, and my first impression was very positive.  

After spending more time with Cornerstone Blend, I’ve grown to like it even more.  The nose is full of that maple quality I love about Crown Royal, but also baking spices, vanilla, red apples and charred oak.  On the palate, Cornerstone Blend is less sweet than the nose suggests.  Maple ice cream, rye spice, and strawberry jam lead to an oaky astringency.  The medium finish leaves behind a lingering spice.

The new Noble Collection will allow blenders at Crown Royal to play around and experiment.  That is evident with the second entry in the Noble Collection – a Crown Royal blend finished in wine casks.  I had a chance to sample this one recently and it’s fantastic.  A full review will be posted in time.  In the meantime, fans of Crown Royal should pick up any bottles of Cornerstone Blend they can find as it’s a one-time release.  At an SRP of $60, the whisky is fairly priced for the wonderful flavors it delivers.  8.5/10

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