Cigar Pairing: Copper & Kings Butchertown Brandy & J Shephard Butchertown Blend Cigar

(Edit: This article was edited to clarify that the cigars are suspended over a barrel of brandy.)

I’m not a big cigar smoker, though I do occasionally enjoy a stick with a great spirit.  When I heard that Copper & Kings sold a cigar especially made to pair with their Butchertown Brandy, I had to check it out.

The cigar is blended by J Shepherd Cigars in Louisville.  According to the cigar blender:

“The cigar is a private blend made by a third generation Cuban cigar maker producing cigars in Nicaragua.  The wrapper and binder for the cigar is a Cuban seed Corojo grown in Ecuador, while the filler tobacco is a Cuban seed Criollo grown in Nicaragua.  Both wrapper and binder are from 2003, so there is a limited supply.”

The cigars are suspended over Butchertown brandy where the spirit evaporates up through the cigar, adding another layer of flavor.  Copper & Kings sells the cigar at their Louisville distillery boutique for $12.

As for Butchertown, it’s a bruiser of a brandy!  Bottled at 124 proof, Butchertown Brandy is aged mainly in ex-bourbon barrels alongside a small amount of new American oak barrels. My original tasting notes for Butchertown still hold true:

I get strong notes of spicy white wine, burnt caramel, and vanilla. In the background is a bit of oak and a lovely perfume note. Surprisingly there are no expected alcohol vapors. The entry here is softer than expected at first, with the high proof slowly revealing itself, tingling your tongue in the process. I’m smacked with a blast of stewed red fruit and brown sugar. Some old oak dries things up just a little. Small waves of butterscotch and vanilla carry over into the long finish, where a fresh, sweet berry note appears.

The cigar immediately gives off sweet fruits and spice, along with hints of earthiness, dark chocolate and and oakiness.  The sprinkling of Butchertown brandy is evident.  Sips of ice-cooled Butchertown brandy in between puffs really accentuates the fruiter notes.  About a third into the cigar, spicy notes begin to emerge, along with more pronounced wood notes.  Quite a lovely pairing!

Thanks to Copper & Kings for providing the cigar.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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