Help Out Portland’s Meals on Wheels, and Win a Rare Bottle of O.F.C.

Passing along some info on a chance to win rare bottle of O.F.C. Bourbon (Vintage 1980) and give to charity at the same time.


Portland’s Meals on Wheels is holding a raffle on February 28th for a bottle of O.F.C. Bourbon Whiskey (Vintage 1980), round trip air tickets to Kentucky for a V.I.P tour of Buffalo Trace Distillary and 2 nights in the exclusive Castle Post Hotel. Only 300 tickets are being sold at $100 per ticket.

Here is the link to the description of the grand prize:

And here is the link top purchase tickets:

All proceeds go to feeding seniors in need in the Portland, Oregon area. Meals on Wheels is currently able to feed 5,200 seniors per day in our area.

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