Lagniappe Review – Expresiones Del Corazon Tequila

Photo courtesy of Sazerac Company.

Photo courtesy of Sazerac Company.

With Cinco de Mayo nearby, I decided to post a couple of tequila reviews.  Since this is a whiskey blog, a couple of these expressions have rested in either Buffalo Trace or Old Rip Van Winkle barrels.  Of course, I’m talking about Expresiones Del Corazon – Corazon Tequila’s premium lineup.  All are bottled at 40% abv.

Let’s start with Expresiones Blanco.  There is no aging on this one, and only about 5,100 bottles exist.  The nose here carries classic, earthy tequila notes while maintaining a light nature.  I pick up herbs, lemon juice, agave and stewed green fruit.  Taste-wise, there’s something refreshing here.  Waves of citrus and agave lend to a slight minty finish.  A lot of care and expertise was put into the distillation and production of this tequila, and it’s evident in every sip.  Nicely done.  8.5/10

Next up is Expresiones Reposado.  This expression is “rested” in ex-Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels for 10.5 months.  Even in that short amount time, the barrel has managed to shape the flavors of the tequila, mellowing them slightly.  The nose still leans towards tequila blanco, with dominant herbal and agave notes.  A touch of dill, spice and sweet toffee can also be found.  Those herbal flavors also show up on the palate, alongside cinnamon and caramel.  The finish is a bit spicier than the blanco expression.  This one’s a nice balance of mellow tequila blanco and bourbon barrel influence.  8/10

Finally is Expresiones Añejo, aged in Old Rip Van Winkle bourbon barrels for 23 months.  Two years in a bourbon barrel really spice up the tequila.  Ginger, Caramel and herbs rise out of the glass.  It has the most “bourbon” notes of the three expressions, and same goes for the palate.  Spicy caramel, cooked agave and spice (ginger and cinnamon) dominate the palate.  Some lime zest and oak hide in the background.  The long finish carries a nice spiced citrus and herbal note. 8.5/10

My favorite was the añejo, followed by the blanco and reposado.  I’m not generally a tequila fan, but wouldn’t mind sipping on any of these if given the chance again.  If you know me, that’s really saying something.

Thanks to Gemini Spirits & Wine for the samples.


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