Hi there.

If you’re reading this, you probably came across this site looking for whiskey reviews… and this post isn’t a whiskey review.  Darn it.

Don’t click away just yet.  Please give me a few moments to introduce myself.

I’m not a whiskey expert.  No where close.  I’m not in the whiskey industry.  I’m just a normal guy who appreciates whiskey (especially bourbon).  I don’t drink whiskey often, but I savor it when I do.

The reason I started this blog is because people started asking for my recommendation when buying bourbon.  Maybe it’s because I talk bourbon until I’m blue in the face.  My fiancee politely puts up with it.  She’s definitely a keeper.  My coworkers put up with it, and at times encourage it.  My whiskey suggestions usually start with the question “Do you want something sweet, spicy, or in-between?”  It’s a simple question whose answer dictates whether I recommend W.L. Weller versus Bulliet.  Simple question, simple answer.  It works most of the time.

Jack Daniels was my entry to whiskey, and in the last several years I’ve expanded to the wide world of bourbon.  The reason I started with JD was that it is available everywhere.  With the bourbon boom of the last few years, bars have started stocking up with a variety of bourbons, and I’ve been tasting them.

I’m going to be tasting whiskies (mostly bourbons for now) and telling you about them.  How they smell, taste and look.  How they’re packaged (I love great packaging).  How much they cost.  When possible, I’ll even give you a little background info on what whiskies I’m tasting.  I hope you find the reviews somewhat helpful, and encourage you to share your thoughts.

Here’s to the wonderful world of whiskey.


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