Booker’s Bourbon “Front Porch Batch” 2017-03 Review

After a hard day’s work, sometimes there’s nothing better than sipping a glass of whiskey on your porch. That’s exactly what Booker’s “Front Porch Batch” celebrates. The third of four 2017 releases is already on shelves. This batch of Jim Beam’s cask strength bourbon is bottled at 62.95%, or 125.9 proof. For the whiskey geek, here’s a breakdown of which 9-story warehouses barrels for Front Porch Batch were pulled from:

  • 8% from 5th floor of warehouse D
  • 14% from 7th floor of warehouse D
  • 37% from 4th floor of warehouse E
  • 5% from the 5th floor of warehouse E
  • 16% from the 6th floor of warehouse E
  • 20% from the 4th floor of warehouse F

On the nose, this batch of Booker’s is full of charred corn, peanut brittle, vanilla and the lightest touch of fresh tobacco. The palate bursts with hints of buttered cornbread, caramel chews, nougat, roasted peanuts and some oak. The entry is a bit hotter than usual, but that burn goes away rather quickly. The body is still pretty chewy, as expected with Booker’s. Compared to other batches, the finish slightly disappoints. It carries a vanilla-tinged sweet corn and oak flavor, which is normal. However, and this is confirmed with the batch’s official tasting notes, the finish is a bit shorter than usual. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but I expect a long finish from my glass of Booker’s.

At the end of the day, most batches of Booker’s taste pretty similar. Though they follow a specific flavor profile, each batch can be slightly different. Front Porch Batch is still an enjoyable glass of bourbon, but not the best Booker’s can offer. 8/10


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