ROCKS Whiskey Chilling Stones Review

You will most likely find me sipping whiskey neat.  I’ll occasionally add a splash of water or, in the case of some cask strength whiskies, a large ice cube.  Both water and ice change the nature of the whiskey, which can make things a bit interesting.  Hell, sometimes I pour two glasses to compare, one with ice/water and one without.

But for those looking for the chill that ice brings without any dilution, whiskey stones may be the solution.  The subject of today’s post are ROCKS Whiskey Stones.  The nice looking granite stones come in six different colors and sit in a wooden presentation tray.  The instructions for use are simple enough.  Rinse them and leave them in the freezer overnight.  I left mine in the freezer for three days.

But, do they work?

They do.  Kind of.

Adding a single stone to my glass cooled the whiskey by a very minute amount.  I could barely tell it was a little chiller.  I had my wife confirm.  The next day I added two stones to my whiskey.  This time things were looking up a bit.  The whiskey was indeed chilled, but not enough to even compare it to adding a single ice cube.  In other words, the stones cooled the whiskey only by a slight amount.  If I wanted cooler whiskey, I would just have to add more stones.

As with ice, the cold stones “took the edge off” the nose and palate without diluting the spirit.  It’s simply another way to drink whiskey, one that some whiskey drinkers might enjoy.  ROCKS  look nicer than standard stones and cost about $26 a set over at Amazon.

Thanks to Quentin at ROCKS for the review sample.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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